" You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you. "
Anonymous: first of all he fucking dogged that fucking punch second of all i think you need to fucking lose the hate bc if the media were treating you the way they treat him you will fucking panick and how about you just read the true stuff about him instead of believing everything that is said about his ass just root for who you love but dont make fun of a person that makes some of us happy this is just so immature and sad tbh focus and your shit and get the fuck outta the celebs life

Hilarious. You’re either a prepubescent child or a ridiculously ignorant adult, hiding behind anon and spending time defending an amoeba like Bieber. He’s a douche and everyone knows it. Maybe someday he’ll grow up and become a contributing member of society, but until then I reserve the right to call him an asshat. Now here’s a tip for you: LEARN FUCKING GRAMMAR AND SPELLING!!! 

Also, get some better role models. 

I would pay money to see Orlando Bloom kick the crap out of Bieber. Anyone would be funny, but Legolas would just be priceless. 

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i like to tell people when i need to go pee

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" The cruelest thing I’ve encountered so far in my life is tasty food on commercials for restaurants that are too far away. "